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Step By Step Root Retouching While Fighting The First Signs Of Aging Hair

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Thin, dry, flat, dull. ugh! Why is my hair changing so much? I used to have voluminous, manageable, moisturized and shiny hair! That was my thought after looking at it in front of the mirror. When I discovered those first few gray hairs popping up along my hair, I immediately knew the answer: my hair is starting to show the first signs of aging! Girls, unfortunately, we can’t stop the clock and look forever young but I am a huge fan of the saying: “It’s good to age gracefully but not passively.” That means that you can take the appropriate actions to fight against signs of aging and still look great. Just like your skin and body, your hair needs special care and by using the right products, you can keep it beautiful and young. Your hair is the frame of your face and it can say a lot about you, so pampering it and caring for it is very important.

You know that I love sharing with you the products that I genuinely like and that have worked for me. Regarding professional hair-color, I have an excellent option for you: Zotos Professional AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème anti-aging hair color. This is perfect for all girls who are as busy as me and due to the hectic pace of life, sometimes don’t have the chance to go to the beauty salon. I’m happy that I can touch up my roots every 5 weeks at the comfort of my home because the entire process is super easy and once you know the right shade for you, then there’s no room for mistakes. 

I want to show you the step by step process on how to do your root retouch with AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème. Ready, here I go:

Tools Needed:

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-crème

-tube of AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème haircolor.
-color developer 20 volume
-old t-shirt (a cape is also useful)
-bowl and brush for easy application. (you can also apply it with a bottle. It’s totally up to you and your preference)

You can find all of the items at your local Sally Beauty. If you’re still unsure about the best shade for you, the Sally Beauty associates are always willing to help.

root retouching with with AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème

I normally touch up my roots with a lighter hue. The 9A Light Ash Blonde shade works for me, I personally utilize the “ash” because after having the experience of dying my hair for a long time, I’ve noticed that this is perfect to balance the orange/red. However, I discovered a few gray hairs two months ago, and to cover them, it’s better to go for a more neutral tone at the same level. The 9N which is a light blonde works, but I still need to diminish the orange hues so I always like mixing half of each of these two shades: 9A Light Ash Blonde and 9N Light Blonde.

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-créme



You need to mix a developer to color ratio of 1 to 1. Pour 4oz of developer into the bowl and add two 2oz tubes of color and mix well. If you have shorter hair, you can use 2 oz of developer and one 2oz tube of color.

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-creme

root retouching with Zotos AGEbeautiful liquidations-crème


After the mix is ready, I put on my gloves and I’m ready to let the magic begin. With my hair dry and perfectly detangled, I divided it into 4 sections, then I covered the roots with the product, going section by section until I was sure all areas were saturated.

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-créme

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-créme

This process took me no more than 15 minutes and I set my timer for 35 minutes starting right after I finished the application. The time to leave the color on will basically depend on your specific needs: 30 minutes for regular application, 45 minutes for 50% or more grays.

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-créme

While waiting, I just relaxed and read a book but I checked my roots every 10 minutes to see how the color was developing. I noticed that the formula penetrates deeply and absorbs quickly to deliver a beautiful color.

Finally, I rinsed my hair until the water ran clear and then I washed it with shampoo, followed by conditioner. And that’s it! No dark roots, those few grays gone, and I’m feeling fresh, confident and, beautiful. 

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-creme

I’m feeling fresh, confident and, beautiful.

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-creme

root retouching with AGEbeautiful liqui-créme

My overall experience with AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème hair color was great. It’s exactly what I need to camouflage my base color and cover a few gray hairs. I have tried many different brands since I’ve been dying my hair for a long time, and the difference I mainly found on this product is:

-It doesn’t smell strong, some others make your eyes feel irritated due to the strong formula.

-AGEbeautiful is focused on replenishing hair with the essential components that are lost with aging. It contains melanin, keratin peptide, silk protein, and patented conditioning technology. So for 100% gray coverage, there’s no doubt that it’s a great option. 

I encourage you to try AGEbeautiful Liqui-Crème hair color for yourself. I have a special coupon code for you to redeem at Sally Beauty! Yaaay! Use the code 555983 and receive a FREE AGEbeautiful 4oz Developer w/ the purchase of any AGEbeautiful liquid-crème. This offer runs through August 1, 2019 (as supplies last).

Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Step By Step Root Retouching While Fighting The First Signs Of Aging Hair