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5 Ways To Еnјоу Thе Ѕun аnd Оutdооrs Ѕаfеlу

The temperatures rose drastically in California, reaching 100 degrees on the hottest days. A heat wave hit the area so it’s extremely important to take appropriate action to enjoy the sun and outdoors safely. So besides wearing your mask every time you leave the house, it’s really important to be prepared with the following steps. […]


Favorite Summer Treat // Homemade Lime Pie

  Hey Loves! How’s your summer going? Mine is just hot, that’s all I can say. San Diego has been reaching temperatures of 80°F – 90°F. So yeah, I’m basically melting. But I mean I guess the only reason we can thank the heat for, is inspiring me on this post. So enough ranting about […]


Achieve a Beautiful Summer Glow

  Now is the time to shout, summer is here! Yaaay! Who can deny that it’s one of the most anticipated season, the one that we are anxiously waiting for, even if you are working, the simple word, “summer,” has something that makes us relate it with sun, pool, beach, etc. During summer, the sun […]


Summer Ready // Trending Swimwear Pieces

  Hello, my loves! Are you ready for the summer?! We are just a few days away from jumping right into the official start of summer and you know what that means right?!  sun, beach, sand… And, if you don’t have plans to go to the beach, don’t worry, I’m pretty sure these warm days […]



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