Fingerless UV Protection Cotton Gloves


Fingerless UV protection cotton gloves are specialized hand accessories designed to provide sun protection while allowing dexterity and freedom of movement. These gloves are made from a lightweight and breathable cotton material that offers comfort and flexibility.



Your hands say a lot about you and because they are constantly exposed to the sunlight during our activities, it’s very important to protect them in order to avoid dark spots, wrinkles, or even worse, a skin condition.Fingerless UV protection cotton gloves, perfect for driving, fishing, tennis, and any outdoor activity. Breathable fabric. Non-slip design.

Fingerless UV protection cotton gloves offer a convenient and effective way to shield your hands from harmful UV radiation while maintaining comfort and dexterity. Their breathable cotton construction, combined with the fingerless design, makes them a versatile accessory for various activities and outdoor adventures. By incorporating these gloves into your routine, you can prioritize sun protection without compromising on functionality.

The size fits most women and girls. Available in 6 colors.

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Black, Violet, Pink, Skin, Grey