I Have Tried Red Light Therapy For The Last 2 Years

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist or a licensed esthetician. I am a skincare enthusiast passioned about everything skin related. I have tested this treatment and continue using it on a regular basis. I am giving my honest opinion based on my personal experience. Always keep in mind that it’s important inform yourself before trying any treatment.

I am sure that you have heard about red light therapy because this treatment has become extremely popular and promises great benefits to the skin. It can be provided in a spa or dermatologic office and also at the comfort of your house if you purchase the device. But is red light therapy really worth it? Let’s start defining it and the said benefits for the skin. 

What is Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a treatment that consists of exposing your skin to low levels of red-infrared light, which is a type of energy invisible to your eyes but perceived by your skin as heat. It is like a low-level laser light that penetrates your skin, stimulating your cells to boost energy production and regeneration, so they can perform better. With that being said, numerous studies have found that red light therapy provides health benefits to the area the light is applied to, mainly the enhancement of cycle progression. It’s a non-invasive treatment and it is used not only for cosmetic purposes. For example, athletes use red light therapy to recover and relax their muscles.

Talking specifically about beauty and the benefits that it can provide to the skin, red light therapy is recommended for skin improvement and for hair also if you apply directly to the scalp! It’s an anti-aging method due to the simple fact that the light works to boost collagen production and stimulate elastin, which both are responsible for skin elasticity. This sounds too good to be true! Of course, but just like any other beauty treatment, consistency is the key in order to see progressive results. The more you use it, the better results you will get. And girls, you know how much I love testing products and treatments in order to see how they work on me and then share them with all of you!

As I mentioned, you can get the treatment in a dermatologist office or a spa, and the time required varies from 10-25 minutes. It really depends on the area of the body you are treating. I loved the idea of having my lamp and using it in the comfort of my home, it’s so convenient, you can get the treatment while doing relaxing activities such as listening to music,or meditating.

I have been using my red light therapy lamp for around 2 years, I try to be consistent (3-5 days a week for 10 minutes). The only days I skip is when I have a lot of work or when I travel. It’s part of my daily evening routine, when it’s time to finish the day of all activities and dedicate some ME time.

My Overall Results

I want to mention without the purpose of bragging that my skin is in very good condition, I’m sure that I can’t attribute this fact to the red light therapy only because I do some other things and take really good care of my skin. My daily regimen consists of specific creams, serums, and moisturizers, and of course, my most important beauty ally, SUNSCREEN! I never go a day without using it, no matter what. I also use retinoids every other night to fight signs of aging. But what I have noticed after a long time of using red light therapy on a regular basis, is an improvement of the texture of my skin. It looks more even, way more than after trying a bunch of products that promote an improvement in the tone of your complexion. As you may probably know, collagen production decrease as we age so helping your body to produce new one always helps because collagen plays an important role in maintaining a youthful appearance.

I have read great comments on the effectivity to diminish acne and scarring with red light therapy and this is due to the fact that the light is stimulating your cells to boost the collagen and elastin as well as boosting blood flow. However, if you are looking for light therapy to treat your acne, you should try blue light therapy because this is specific to treat acne.

what is red light therapy

Things To Consider While Treating Your Skin With Red Light Therapy

There are really no side effects due to the use of red light therapy, however, it’s important to keep in mind that if you are using a light panel you have to protect your eyes because it’s intense light. Also, keep the indicated distance from the light. If you use it exactly how it’s instructed you shouldn’t see any effects besides beautiful skin.

When being exposed to red light, and getting the most of the treatment, your skin needs to be completely clean, free of any products to avoid irritation or even worst, a burn. After getting the treatment, it is fine to apply your topical products.

So, I do recommend red light therapy, you don’t have anything to lose, I know it can be an investment ( it really depends on the device you buy) but YOU are always the best investment.