How to Plan a Ski Trip

Skiing is one of the most thrilling sports that anyone can try.  Picturing the crisp air, the incredible speeds you can reach, and the feeling of slicing through or skimming over the snow as you go: it’s breathtaking.  Unfortunately, regardless of how much we may love snow and skiing, most of us don’t live anywhere that we can walk a couple of yards out and ski from.  Instead of digging for real estate for Whistler homes for sale, here are the top steps you should take to plan the perfect ski trip for yourself.

The Where Matters

Many factors need to be considered when you’re looking at where to enjoy your ski trip.  Think about simple things, like whether or not you’d want to share a mountain with snowboarders.  Every decision you make can drastically change where you end up going, so choose carefully.  

Consider the time of year, how busy parks are then, and how far you’re willing to travel. An excellent ski park may seem friendly, but if it’s double the distance you can afford, it’s not worth it.

What Equipment Should You Bring?

Think about what you need to start skiing.  Although many ski lodges and resorts have rentals and units on hand for the slopes, you may not want this.  If that’s the case, buy some other supplies that you have faith in.

woman wearing a ski attire

You should focus on bringing gloves, goggles, some head protection, and boots that make you feel safe and warm outside of this.

Have You Skied Often?

If you haven’t skied before, it’s okay to admit this.  Sign up before you head out and try to find a course that will suit your age group and your skill level.  Although you may want to skip the early lessons to avoid embarrassment, you must know all of the basics before you step out.

a view of Big Bear mountain

Where Will You Sleep?

What are your plans for lodging?  We can’t all live on the slopes, as much as many of us wish that we could.  It would help if you had plans for where you’re going to rest your aching feet and legs the night after.  Most ski parks have luxury resorts, but those can run into the thousands per night if you’re not careful.  If you want to save money, book further out from the ski lodge, and enjoy getting to know the area every night when you’re done having fun in the snow!

Check Your Insurance

As fun as skiing is, it’s also a hazardous sport.  Although cartoons make it seem like the biggest challenge in a snowy mountain is an avalanche, the real trouble is trees.  Although we don’t want to harm a tree or chop it down before its time, sometimes skiers can’t help but ram into one while going downhill.  This mistake is easier to make than you think, with many people saying that a snow glare made it so they couldn’t see ahead.

Hope you find this post helpful to enjoy the most of your adventure!


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How to Plan a Ski Trip


Hey! I'd love to keep you updated with great beauty tips. Sign up to gain free access to many tools and resources . xo!