Like cellulite, stretch marks are very common in women, and sometimes, depending on the severity of these, they can lead to insecurities or judgment about our bodies. However, both are normal and part of being a woman so with that in mind, you can always take action and be proactive to diminish and prevent stretch marks. Most of the time, it’s common to see stretch marks on the buttocks and abdomen area as well as stretch marks on the back, especially after pregnancy and when your body has drastically lost weight. Stretch marks after weight loss are very common and they appear, no matter your age.

There are multiple treatments that promise to get rid of stretch marks, even the old ones and deep ones. However, I can assure you that the only way to completely eliminate them is with plastic surgery–tummy tucks. Here, the affected area is cut away and then the remaining skin is stretched out, creating a smoother skin appearance.

Laser treatments are also a proven method to treat and get rid of stretch marks, stimulating new collagen, a major building block of the skin. The collagen helps rebuild the fibers in the tissue to help fill in the affected areas. If the stretch marks have affected the appearance and texture of your skin, you can either consult a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to treat your specific condition.

For now, let’s focus on remedies and products that you can use on a daily basis to prevent and diminish stretch marks.

The Cause Of Stretch Marks

The rupture of the skin occurs when the skin stretches too much, especially in a short period of time. It could be because of drastic weight changes, pregnancy, or genetics. That’s why it’s recommendable that if you are going to start a diet to lose weight, make sure that the loss is gradual and avoid following those diets that make you feel super hungry, moody, and sometimes include weight loss pills that can cause significant long term changes in your metabolism. It’s better to go with a diet and nutrition guide where results are progressive and avoids the rebound so that way, you can avoid the weight loss stretch marks .

Stretch Marks Remedies And Products

After learning about the cause of stretch marks, you may be wondering, do stretch marks fade? The answer is yes! There are a huge variety of products out there to diminish stretch marks and I can confidently talk about them due to my own experience with them. During my 3 pregnancies, I started to use a mix of pure extract plants oil that gave me great results. I applied it daily with circular motion after the shower and before bed. I focused on the abdomen, gluteus, and breast. It’s a really good product that improves skin elasticity, keeping it super hydrated and avoiding the breaking of the collagen fiber.

This product can be used during your pregnancy, starting the second month, or during your weight loss regimen and strict workout routines. Keep in mind that red stretch marks can significantly improve to appear almost invisible if treated at the right time. When their color turns similar to your skin tone, it will be more difficult to get rid of them or diminish their appearance. Consistency is key, so apply the product morning and night and wait some time before getting dressed to avoid staining your clothes.

Frankincense oil is also very effective to prevent and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. The best way is to apply 2-3 drops directly to your skin and give it a massage. Keep in mind that Frankincense oil needs to be mixed with a carrier oil, it blends well with Bergamot, Clove, Clary Sage, Geranium, Helichrysum, Lemon, Neroli, Patchouli, Rose or Rosemary. I still use this every day after a shower, not only because it smells great, but leaves my skin smooth. If you don’t like the oily sensation, you can always try an extra nourishing cream to provide hydration and moisture to your skin.

Keeping your skin hydrated will always help maintain your skin in good condition, and it is important to limit alcohol and caffeine consumption, as well as saturated fats, and medications.

So now you know that with special care and products, you can diminish stretch marks and prevent new ones.

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