How To Choose The Best Cleanser For Your Face

There’s nothing better than starting and finishing your day with a clean and refreshed face. With millions of cleansers in the market, finding the best one for you can be overwhelming and you are probably wondering if you are using the right products for your skin necessities or trying to figure out what facial cleanser is best for you, etcetera. Because, oh, yes! every formula, either cream, soap, or gel, has its own benefits.

What Facial Cleanser Is Best For Me?

First of all, you need to know your skin type in order to choose the best cleanser for your face. Your age range should also play a big role in your decision. A teenager will have totally different skin necessities compared to a woman in her 30-4os. As we grow, our skin is changing and requiring specific formulas to improve it or maintain it healthy. Let’s start digging into the best options for each skin type.

Facial Cleanser For Combination Skin

A gel-based cleanser does very well with combination skin. They tend to clean the skin without leaving it feeling tight or dry. Micellar Water is great for combination skin to maintain the PH balance of your part dry and part oily skin. Your skin will need a product that removes oil without over-drying your complexion.

Facial Cleanser For Oily Skin

The main purpose of your facial cleanser should be to eliminate or reduce excess oil from your skin. A foamy and gel cleanser is a great option if you suffer from acne or breakouts. If you don’t have sensitive skin, it would be great to look for a foam cleanser with ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which work great to dissolve oil. In order to help remove makeup, bacteria, and debris that oil can trap in your pores try a silicone face brush, this is recommended for oily skin because it helps to unclog your pores and improve absorption of your skincare products. If you like a gel texture cleanser, I highly recommend this cleanser, it’s my kids’ favorite and it has their acne and excess of oil under control. They use it morning and night. Ingredients such as aloe-vera, citric acid, or green tea are well know but its great properties, since they are non-comedogenic and they don’t clog your pores

facial cleanser for oily skin

Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin and have experienced reactions with some facial products, I suggest looking for a mild and smooth facial cleanser with glycerin, which is a key ingredient to improve and protect the skin. Odor and sulfate-free products are essential if your skin is prone to irritation. Wash your face with delicate circular motions and if you are using a facial brush, avoid applying too much pressure. Try not to use foaming cleansers, as they can remove much of your natural moisture. If you are wearing makeup, remove it first with a face wipe for better results.

Best Anti-Aging Facial Cleanser. Perfect For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin and want to avoid wrinkles you need to maintain the skin hydrated and avoid products that tend to dry. Foam cleansers won’t be a good option in this case, because they tend to be drying. Look for a creamy cleanser instead to purify without stripping away moisture. Dermatologists recommend going with a cleanser that contains hyaluronic acid. To maintain a fresh and youthful complexion, wash with a gentle cleanser right when you wake up. Always do it gently and in circular motions, water that’s too hot or too cold. I have a strict routine regarding the way I wash my face in the morning when I just really want to get ride of that oil and residues from my nighttime products.

I found an affordable creamy cleanser that I really love and I have been using it for a while, it is very gentle, and without any fragrance. I put a little in my hand or sometimes in my silicone face brush and massage my face with circular motions. I always do this with lukewarm water and wrap it up with cold water to close the pores and stimulate blood circulation. I never use a towel because it can easily trap bacteria especially if you use it for your hands too, which is always a no no! Dry your face with a tissue and you’re done!

Hope this guide was helpful to you. It’s very important to listen to your skin and its specific necessities in order to provide the adequate products to maintain it healthy and radiant. And these products don’t necessarily need to be expensive, because there are a huge variety of affordable brands that do very good with the skin.

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