Here’s What I Do To Reduce Cellulite (Proven Home Remedies)

Summer is here! And with it comes the bikinis, shorts, and the time to show some skin, sexy lady! But crap! my cellulite is more visible than before quarantine started. And the reason could be that you probably weren’t as active as before. I am projecting myself here, because this is literally my case. 

So it’s never too late to take action to reduce its appearance. Bad news that you’ve probably heard before is that after turning 21 you will be dealing with cellulite for the rest of your life. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with the orange-peel texture that appears on our thighs, butt, belly, and sometimes our arms. Cellulite is completely normal for all women in the world, it’s not a disease, more like a skin condition that can be present due to a diversity of factors such as hormonal, hereditary, bad circulation, water retention, poor diet, etcetera. So girl, if it won’t completely disappear, it’s better to accept it and love it, as a part of your body and femininity. You are simply gorgeous with or without cellulite!

Oh, I almost forgot the good news! There are multiple home remedies as well as good habits that can definitely diminish the appearance of the “orange peel” and I can firmly say that these are proven remedies to reduce cellulite because if they have worked for me they will help you too. So let’s get started:

Detox Water

Let’s start by explaining the term of detox water. It’s a beverage normally made with fruits or vegetables, or both, which have detoxifying and diuretic properties, to name a few. It can be drunk anytime during the day. My recommendation is to prepare a jug and try to finish it on that day starting with a glass on an empty stomach. ( I normally drink a glass before adding ice so it’s at roomtemperature) then I add a bunch of ice and that’s my drink for the day. My favorite and most effective is cucumber water. It’s very easy to make.

Add cucumber slices, lime or lemon slices, juice of a lime, and fresh mint. Add ice and I love adding a bit of sea salt, not to much. You can perfectly add stevia or honey according to your preference. You can check the full recipe on my TikTok and Instagram account.

This water provides multiple benefits to your body and it’s great to diminish cellulite because it helps with water retention, aids weight loss, deliver antioxidants and improves circulation. Along with some other great effects for your skin and digestive system.

Try it 2 times a week and the other days drink at least 2 liters of pure water to keep you hydrated and avoid water retention, a common cellulite cause.


This sounds pretty obvious but it’s definitely one of the best remedies to reduce cellulite, because when the skin loses elasticity and accumulates fat, that leads the appearance of cellulite. On that note, it’s important to strengthen your muscles and maintain muscle tone. So girl, it’s time to move that body! Even a 20 minutes walk is great, as well as exercises that don’t require equipment such as squats and multiple routines that can be done at the comfort of your home. So there’s no excuse! Exercising is not only one of the best therapies, but it helps you boost your energy and improve your muscle strength. Your body will always be thankful if you practice any kind of exercise because it will age well. I have realized that just by simply exercising and drinking plenty of water the cellulite on my thighs and butt is totally under control. The rest of my home remedies to reduce cellulite are definitely a plus, so keep reading.

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Massage The Area

Believe me that this is one of the most effective home remedies to diminish cellulite, but in order to get results, you need to be consistent and persistent. I promise that if you follow the steps I’m sharing below along with the tips I mentioned in this post, you will notice an improvement in the area of your concern. These have really worked for me. Just keep in mind that cellulite doesn’t go away with massage but it might temporarily improve the skin’s appearance and make cellulite less noticeable. Try the following process 2-3 times a week, depending on the cellulite condition.

  1. Dry Brushing: before showering use a natural fiber brush and begin with a light brushing all around the area you want to treat using wide, circular, and clockwise motions. Your body will tell you how much pressure you can do in your technique. Do it for around 3-5 minutes. It’s very important to avoid brushing sensitive areas or inflamed areas caused by psoriasis, eczema, or any open wound to avoid infection.
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Maintain your brush clean by washing it once a week and let it dry with the sunrays to prevent mildew. And please don’t share it with anyone to prevent infections.

2. After brushing your skin, avoid a hot shower. It would be better to try medium to cold water to remove the skin cells. You can also exfoliate your skin with a coffee, cucumber, or turmeric scrub. These ingredients have detox properties and help calm the skin due to their anti-inflammatory effect. Since you already brushed the area, exfoliation should be gentle and in circular motions. The purpose of the exfoliation is to reactivate circulation and this helps to diminish the bumpy or roughness of the skin, making your skin even and smoother.

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3. After you have removed dead skin cells and improved circulation, thanks to the massage with brush and scrub, it’s time to pamper and nourish the skin with moisturizer and essential oil, which is great to restore subcutaneous tissue.

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The days you don’t scrub or dry brush your skin, try an anticellulite body roller after the shower. It will help you to maintain the skin in good condition and reduce cellulite by improving circulation, draining excess body fluid, plump the skin, etcetera. Apply your moisturizer or body oil and use the roller.

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Balance Diet And Supplements

I am in favor of that quote that says “you are what you eat.” Even the best skin care products are ineffective if we don’ t have a balanced diet because skin beauty is directly related to what we eat. The most important thing is to achieve equilibrium. If you want to reduce cellulite you need to pay attention to your diet and give up sugar and flours as much as you can. Include greens and a bunch of fruits instead. There is food that combats dimples and are known to be cellulite reducers. These are bell peppers, fish (salmon, tuna), flaxseeds, matcha tea, cayenne pepper, broccoli, spinach, avocado.

I highly recommend including collagen powder into your daily lifestyle because as we age our collagen production diminishes and the structure of the skin tends to become weak, developing bumps in the tissue better known as orange peel and cellulite. I love taking collagen every day, it’s very easy because if you chose unflavored so you can perfectly add it to your coffee, juice, smoothie, soups, etcetera. Avoid liquid or collagen shots, because powder has better absorption rates than liquid or collagen shots.

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These are the things I normally do to reduce cellulite and as I mentioned, they have worked for me. In terms of your overall health, there’s nothing wrong with having cellulite. But if you are concerned or suffer for complicated cellulite you can always try treatments and therapies such as endermology, cupping, lymphatic drainage. Consult with your dermatologist for the best option.

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Here’s What I Do To Reduce Cellulite (Proven Home Remedies)


Hey! I'd love to keep you updated with great beauty tips. Sign up to gain free access to many tools and resources . xo!