5 Ways To Еnјоу Thе Ѕun аnd Оutdооrs Ѕаfеlу

The temperatures rose drastically in California, reaching 100 degrees on the hottest days. A heat wave hit the area so it’s extremely important to take appropriate action to enjoy the sun and outdoors safely. So besides wearing your mask every time you leave the house, it’s really important to be prepared with the following steps. […]


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds To Refresh​ Your Space

Stay safe and stay home! We have heard these 2 statements all throughout this year, during these difficult times. Since the beginning of quarantine, I’ve been sharing activities, ideas, and options to maximize your time at home. Having a clean and beautiful environment will not only make you feel better, but it definitely boosts your […]


How To Become More Confident: 5 Simple Tips

 Hi! Before digging into my simple tips on how to become more confident and improve your self esteem, let me share a short story really quick. I remember when I was a teen, I used to be kind of insecure about my appearance, I was a kind of chubby girl dealing with all the new changes in […]


15 Instagram Worthy Spots In San Diego

 Hope you’re having an amazing week! As many of you probably know, I was born and raised in Mexico City. I love Mexico, by the way, have you been there? ( let me know in the comments section what places have you visited). Well, I moved to the states almost 7 years ago and I […]


Cedar Creek Falls: Hiking In San Diego (All You Need To Know)

I was in much need of a time amongst nature, it always fuels my soul. After 100% quarantining at home, fresh air truly makes me feel alive and grateful for the wonders that surround us and these hard times have made me appreciate all that even more. Living in Southern California you have too many […]



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