3 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Hi girls! We are still in winter, and that means dry air that can lead to dry skin, hair, etcetera. But there are always natural remedies to improve our beauty routine. I am talking about the miracle “coconut oil”, used not only in the kitchen but now it’s considered a beauty ally because it can […]
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28 Almonds A Day Keep Me Feeling Beauty Full

“This post is sponsored by Blue diamond but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.” We all know almonds are a yummy and light snack. However, their benefits in the world of beauty are often overlooked. Did you know almonds are packed with vital nutrients which help benefit healthy hair, nails and sleep?With […]


Here’s How I Got Skin Tightening Without Surgery

Sponsored by Ultherapy. Hey! You all know how passionate I am when it comes to talking about beauty and all things skincare. I love being updated on new and, above all, effective options to maintain healthy, glowing, and youthful-looking skin. Now that I am in my early 40s, I feel in harmony with many aspects […]


Beauty Benefits of Rice Water

You have probably heard about some of the benefits of incorporating rice water as a natural remedy to your beauty routine. Let me tell you that this is not a trend or a new beauty hack because it has been used for centuries in various Asian cultures. Through the time it has been discovered that the […]


3 Makeup Do’s During The Winter

It’s during winter when we need to modify our beauty routine due to the fact that our skin and body in general, reacts differently during this season. I want to share some of the changes I make to my makeup habits when the temperatures start to drop. 1. Don’t skip your Primer. If you are […]


4 Habits For Glowing Skin This Winter

Winter is here, and sometimes dry skin tends to come along with it due to the frigid, dry air. It’s pretty common to feel dryness, especially on your hands. Now think about this, the cold plus the hundreds of times we are required to wash our hands and use hand sanitizer, Oh god! That can […]



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