Beauty Benefits of Rice Water

You have probably heard about some of the benefits of incorporating rice water as a natural remedy to your beauty routine. Let me tell you that this is not a trend or a new beauty hack because it has been used for centuries in various Asian cultures. Through the time it has been discovered that the water that is used for cleaning rice helps improve to skin and hair due to its vitamins and minerals. It’s literally a beauty booster used for more and more people all over the world.

How to Make Rice Water

Rice is of course delicious as one of the key culinary ingredients around the world, so we all know how to make it but when we are using it for beauty purposes it’s a different process, very simple by the way.

Start digging in your pantry and don’t worry about the type of rice you use, because all rice works for this purpose, except instant rice. There are different ways to make rice water, however, I am sharing a simple and quick way that has worked for me. I love adding 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of hot water and let it sit for around 20 minutes or until the water has completely cooled, then, simply strain the rise, making sure to save that water, a beauty booster that can be used on your skin and hair.

beauty benefits of rice water

Rice Water For The skin

It’s a great fluid to nourish the skin thanks to the antioxidants. If you are dealing with inflammation or irritation of the skin due to acne, rice water will help. Substitute or take a break of your regular cleanser during the winter, when the skin tends to be more dry, and try rice water as a facial cleanser instead. I know it sounds a little crazy but it’s very gentle, perfect for any skin type including sensitive. If you wake up with a puffy face you will notice how rice water helps to decongest and diminishing the puffiness and also redness.

Rice Water For Hair

It’s amazing how this natural remedy can contribute to improve not only the hair texture, adding shine and volume to the hair but it also helps to maintain our scalp healthy. That way, the hair will grow better because you are also paying attention to the roots. Rice water will help to avoid that stripping of natural oils in your hair. You can alternate between using your regular shampoo and using rice water instead. However, I love applying it after my shampoo, I focus on the scalp and gentle massage, allowing the products to depply penetrate in and all around my hair. Wait for at least 5 minutes while you wash your body and then simply apply conditioner from mid to tips only if you need it. Repeat this every time you wash your hair and wait for the results. 

There are some products in the market that contain rice water, but in this case, I’d rather go with the most natural and pure form by making it at home. So try it and let me know your thoughts!