Anti-aging Ally: Why You Should Get A Facial Massage

Who doesn’t love to get a relaxing back or neck massage? Or even better a full body one! It is always a relaxing experience that provide benefits such as relaxing your sore and tired muscles. It’s pretty common to forget about our face and not take advantage of the multiple outcomes that a facial massage provides to our complexion. So here we go with some of the benefits:

3 Top Health Benefits of a Facial Massage

1) It’s a great anti-aging technique: Do you know about the important role that collagen plays in maintaining a youthful appearance? Collagen plays a huge role! It is a protein that is naturally produced by our body, known to be, “the fountain of youth.” However, as we age, it gradually decreases. A great way to naturally boost collagen production and diminish those fine lines and wrinkles is by getting a facial massage.

2) No more swollen or puffy face: One of the most important benefits of getting a facial massage is the fact that it can help to increase circulation for your face. By doing upwards and circular motions on the cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck you are pushing the blood and oxygen to flow and this is great to get rid of a swollen or puffy face.

3) Products are easily absorbed into the skin: When applying your skincare products it’s not enough to put it on the skin, if you want to make the most of every single product you use, I highly recommend to give yourself a massage for better penetration of ingredients. When applying serum, softly slap your face to wake up the skin and stimulate circulation, followed by a complete facial massage with your day or night cream. If you are persistent you will notice a huge difference in a matter of time.

We are all living difficult times and stress levels are sometimes high. What a better way to feel relaxed and pretty than pampering yourself? A full body massage always feels amazing but it is required that someone else provides it and the facial massage can be easily provided by yourself on a regular basis. Try it and give your skin the benefits of a facial massage!