4 Habits For Glowing Skin This Winter

Winter is here, and sometimes dry skin tends to come along with it due to the frigid, dry air. It’s pretty common to feel dryness, especially on your hands. Now think about this, the cold plus the hundreds of times we are required to wash our hands and use hand sanitizer, Oh god! That can get harsh on your skin and it’s understandable that keeping the skin smooth can be challenging. By following the habits I am mentioning below, you will keep your skin glowing during winter. So keep reading!

1.Be Gentler on Your Skin. The number one rule and the most important one to get glowing skin during the winter is being nice to your skin. No matter your skin care routine or the type of skin you have, you need to be really smart and aware of the product you use. With that being said, look for a gentle cleanser and give the strong products such as astringents or peelings that might dry the skin a much needed break. Be gentle to your skin. It’s the time of the year when your skin needs to be treated like it’s super sensitive, even if it’s not, because sometimes chilly and brisk winds can be harsh for it.

2.Exfoliate With Natural Ingredients. Once again, it’s all about being gentle to your skin, so instead of exfoliating with products that contain additives, jump into your kitchen and make your own natural exfoliator. For example, mix sugar, (brown is better because is softer) with oatmeal, a teaspoon of plain yogurt and a few drops of honey. That way you will remove dead skin, clean pores without irritating your skin. Better yet, you know exactly what you are feeding your skin.

exfoliator for glowing skin

3. Moisturize with the right products. Moisturizing and hydration are key to keeping your winter skin glowing and getting rid of the dryness. During spring, summer and overall hot weather, it feels better to apply a light moisturizer, because you don’t want the sensation of heavy layers on your skin when applying serum+ moisturizer+ sunscreen + makeup. On the contrary, during winter feeding your skin with rich and creamy products works best. Never forget to apply sunscreen even if it’s snowing, because the UV rays penetrate through the clouds.

4. Reduce the dry air at home. This is a bonus, but believe me that this habit can do wonders to your skin. As simple as having a humidifier at home, it will add a little moisture in the air. That way you will experience less dryness and cracked skin. So at least when you are indoors at your place, you will add some more humidity to the atmosphere.

Thank you for reading, I hope these tips will help you maintain that beautiful and glowing skin!

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