3 Makeup Do’s During The Winter

It’s during winter when we need to modify our beauty routine due to the fact that our skin and body in general, reacts differently during this season. I want to share some of the changes I make to my makeup habits when the temperatures start to drop.

1. Don’t skip your Primer.

If you are not doing this regularly, girl, you definitely should, because the difference is huge! It not only makes your foundation application easier, but leaves your face with a flawless finish. During winter it’s when you need to give extra protection to your skin. So once your moisturizer dries, use primer underneath your foundation or powder. This will reduce redness and avoid wind burns and drying.


2. Go For Lightweight Coverage Instead of Heavy Layers.

You really don’t need to look like a pancake with heavy makeup. During the winter, our skin tend to turn more sensitive and dry with the weather changes, so let it breathe and better go with light coverage instead of heavy stuff.


3. Skip Products That are Too Drying.

As I mentioned, our skin tends to be more sensitive and dry during the cold season, so the last thing you want, is to add products or cosmetics that dry it more. For example, some of the foundations with a mate finish have a tendency to dry the skin in order to avoid looking oily while wearing makeup. The finish you will probably experience is having a foundation that creases, giving the effect of accentuation of fine lines. I suggest that you give the products that are too drying a break until spring-summer, especially if you live in an area where the temperatures are cold.  Go for light creamy textures,  they work extremely well during the winter.

It also really important to take care of our lips during the winter. Just like any other part of our body, they require specific care in order to maintain them healthy and smooth. Here are some easy and useful tips to improve their appearance over time.

Thank you so much for stopping by and happy holidays!

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