3 Habits to Reduce Hair Frizz

Having a bad hair day can make you feel like your overall day will be a bad one. It’s fact that hair is the frame of our face. Frizzy hair can be a very difficult attribute that contributes to not achieving that desired hairstyle. There are a bunch of factors that contribute to hair frizz, including temperatures and weather.

By learning what those causes are, you can take action to prevent them and get your hair under control.

Whatever your circumstances are, I want to share some effective, natural ways to reduce hair frizz.

Washing Frequency

This totally depends on your hair type. But it’s highly recommended to not wash your hair every day, it’s not necessary. By doing so, you are removing many of the natural oils that help to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

This modification in my hair is a habit tha has been a game changer. I used to wash my hair every other day, and once I space that out to twice a week I started to notice a big improvement and my hair turned from dry to normal and definitely more hydrated.

Let your hair dry, think that if you’re washing it every day you’re stripping away not only its natural oils and proteins but you’re not giving it enough time to get completely dry after your previous wash. If you feel the need to wash it more often, opt for something like a natural dry shampoo that can do the job without causing any of the damage. 

Brushing Your Hair

Do you know that when brushing your hair, that’s when you spread around those natural oils that are produced on your scalp, which help to keep the hair hydrated? So brushing your hair at least once a day even if you don’t need to look presentable on that day, is always beneficial and will help you get rid of the annoying frizzy hair. I personally like brushing my hair before bed and tie it into a lose braid.

But keep in mind that using the right hair brush is key. Look for one that includes both nylon and boar bristles to help restore moisture and enhance shine.

How You Sleep 

The way you sleep, and what you sleep on can be a huge impact on how healthy your hair will be. If you sleep with your hair bunched up and dry, that will be an easy way for your hair to become unhealthy and brittle. The material that you sleep on can also contribute to this because some materials like rougher synthetics don’t allow your hair to move freely. Having soft, natural fibers like silk can greatly improve your hair health, and reduce the amount of damage that you sustain while you sleep. Believe me that just by doing this last step you will notice a huge improvement. 

Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions or comments to complement this post.

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3 Habits to Reduce Hair Frizz


Hey! I'd love to keep you updated with great beauty tips. Sign up to gain free access to many tools and resources . xo!