3 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Hi girls! We are still in winter, and that means dry air that can lead to dry skin, hair, etcetera. But there are always natural remedies to improve our beauty routine. I am talking about the miracle “coconut oil”, used not only in the kitchen but now it’s considered a beauty ally because it can do wonders for your skin and hair. Want to learn some of the beauty benefits coconut oil can provide to your beauty regimen? Keep reading:

Cracked Hands? Coconut Oil To The Rescue

I don’t know about you, but I personally get cracked hands during the cold months. I need to apply hand cream 2-3 times a day and sometimes put a little bit more on before bed and sleep with socks or gloves to hydrate and nourish them even more. This is because even if all of your skin tends to dry during cold temperatures, your hands are the most exposed, so dryness is a pretty common reaction to that. But coconut oil is here to help! It’s as simple as rubbing coconut oil onto your hands and cuticles and massaging for a couple of minutes and then just rinse it off.  Since some of the oil will soak into the skin, I love doing this before bed, as an overnight hand treatment. If you sleep with gloves your hands willl be completely healed and hydrated when you wake up.

Add Glow To You Skin.

Coconut oil is a great natural remedy to get rid of dryness and if you are experience redness of irritated skin, this will also help. I love making a body cream with natural ingredients such as shea butter and raw honey with coconut oil. I simply mix all of the ingredients until it becomes a creamy texture and apply it after the shower once or twice a week. My skin gets a healthy glow and feels totally moisturized when doing this.

Intense Nourish For Your Hair

Coconut oil is well known for all the benefits it provides to the hair and scalp, this natural oil is great to clense your scalp and soften your hair while deeply nourishing.

woman sharing her hair after using a hair treatment

You can use it as a hair mask and let it sit on your hair for an hour or so and then rinse off, following with your regular shampoo. Apply it on dry hair, you can leave it overnight with a hair cap and wash it in the morning. This is super effective but for me, this is a little messy so I prefer to just leave in on for an hour.

But keep in mind that if you want to add extra moisture an overnight mask helps. Do it in between washes by adding a little portion on the dry areas ( normally mid to tips) and place a towel over your pillow. In the morning just rinse it off and that’s it, no need shampoo or conditioner.

I hope these tips are useful to you! Take advantage of this amazing natural oil, it’s not just a cheap remedy but it’s super effective to maintain your hair nourished and luscious, especially during the winter.

3 beauty benefits of coconut oil

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3 Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil


Hey! I'd love to keep you updated with great beauty tips. Sign up to gain free access to many tools and resources . xo!