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28 Almonds A Day Keep Me Feeling Beauty Full

“This post is sponsored by Blue diamond but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.”

We all know almonds are a yummy and light snack. However, their benefits in the world of beauty are often overlooked. Did you know almonds are packed with vital nutrients which help benefit healthy hair, nails and sleep?With the new year, I have set goals for myself in the road to overall self improvement. One of them is to focus on giving my body the very best. A lot of it starts with finding the right, natural snacks which not only benefit me on the inside, but also the outside. I’ve taken up the challenge from Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds to eat 28 almonds a day as a part of my self-care and beauty regimen. 28 almonds have 5g plant protein per serving and are an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin E and a good source of magnesium. I’ve always been someone who feels truly passionate about natural eating. Food is fuel and you want to make sure that you give your body the ideal meals.

Maintaining Healthy Hair

I’ve always been open about struggling with maintaining healthy hair and dealing with hair loss. I know it’s something that a lot of us go through. This new year I have started learning more about the beneficial and damaging ingredients and products for my hair. You have probably heard of biotin before. It’s a vitamin which plays a significant role in the health of our hair, skin, and nails. Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds are a superfood source of biotin. This to me stands out so much and really made me want to start incorporating them into my life. I personally never knew almonds were packed with this important vitamin.

Benefits From The Inside Out

While it’s clear almonds contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients that brings us benefits on the beauty side of the spectrum, they can also have great benefits for our overall health. Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds are an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin E. Vitamin E promotes healthy and smooth, skin, nails, and hair. Not only is Vitamin E great for some of our physical features, but it also helps prevent oxidation and clogging in the arteries.

Blue diamond natural almonds

Your body is a temple. Being beautiful on the outside all starts by being healthy and beautiful on the inside. Almonds are a healthful food which provide us with so many essential nutrients which our body requires to feel and look its very best. I really encourage you to include Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds into your everyday lifestyle. They are so versatile and you can incorporate them into your diet so easily. This new year I challenge you to work to become the best version of yourself. 28 almonds a day is just a small step in the right direction to feel beauty FULL. You can get Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds at your local Walmart.


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28 Almonds A Day Keep Me Feeling Beauty Full