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Cedar Creek Falls: Hiking In San Diego (All You Need To Know)

I was in much need of a time amongst nature, it always fuels my soul. After 100% quarantining at home, fresh air truly makes me feel alive and grateful for the wonders that surround us and these hard times have made me appreciate all that even more. Living in Southern California you have too many […]


How To Educate Your Kids To Take Care Of Their Skin

To mother’s out there, I hope you know you are loved and you are superheroes. My recognition to all of you who are multitasking during thesedifficult times, keep nailing it because you have everything under control, as always. For today’s topic, I want to talk about the importance of educating our kids, teens, and young […]


3 Fresh Smoothie Recipes

Hey guys! How are you? I know we are stuck at home and maybe you’ve run out of things to do. Let’s all stay stronger than ever for a little longer so we can have those normal days coming back soon. Progressively the weather is getting warmer and warmer here in San Diego, and that […]


Pamper Yourself With An In-Home Spa Session

Hello beauties, it’s time for you to take a break and try to disconnect for a moment while you pamper yourself by having an in home spa session, because, if you can’t go to the spa, for now, let’s bring it to the comfort of your home! Separate at least an hour or so in your daily schedule, every other day, […]


DIY Face Masks For Quarantine

  Hello beauties, hope you’re doing good despite these uncertain times. We are all in this together and we need to do our part to avoid spreading this coronavirus nightmare. I do my best to stay as positive as I can and make this quarantine enjoyable.  I try to stick to a schedule, but of course […]



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